Learn Piano For Beginners: The right hand – Sit and play piano in 7 days [PART 1]

Learn Piano by using the same specially selected techniques I show my students which get you playing straight away and build a ROCK solid foundation to play the songs you love… fast. Part 1 introduces you to the right hand with your first chord.

Want a step by step process to follow?…

Download the Aid sheet for this video series right here: https://www.creativepianoacademy.com/yt-sit-and-play-aid-sheet

What you will get out of this 3 part video series:

– Your step by step ‘roadmap’ to kickstart your piano journey
– The foundations to play the songs you love… fast
– Your first ‘proper’ chords
– Take away months of foot frustration by using the sustain pedal ‘correctly’
– Left and right hand coordination
– Knowledge of notes and fingering
– All the tools you need to start writing your own music

Want more?

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