Learn to Play: Fast Piano Runs (Fills)

Fast piano runs – or fills, as they’re often called – can make your playing seem mature and sophisticated. Learning to play them can really help you wow your audience, but this might be difficult to master. In this video lesson you will learn how to practice your piano runs. I will present you with a few exercises in increasing order of difficulty to build up your technique and speed.

To master the art of playing fast piano fills, you must basically practice your right hand arpeggiation skills. This involves being able to play a chord “up and down the piano”. By practicing first running “up” and then running “up and down” the piano, you can slowly build your technique. This “Learn To Play” video will also discuss fingering, which is equally important when practicing. Finally, some sophisticated voicings will be shown to yield a very mature sound. Developing your speed and playing fast is always a challenge, but if you practice daily you will be able to play those fast piano fills before long!

Piano runs are a great device to “fill in the gaps” at the end of a musical phrase, but you should be mindful not to overuse them. This has the effect of turning your performance in a caricature.

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