Learning piano chord positions (plus a pentatonic tip)

In this tutorial I look at a quick way of learning a variety of chord positions quickly on the piano keyboard. The technique basically involves using broken chord shapes with left-hand, right-hand and hands together.

As with most piano exercises, the secret of success here is to mix and match techniques and see what works for you. Try the exercise with a variety of three and four note chords, and don’t worry too much about the fingers you use.

The other benefit of this exercise is that it will help develop your confidence and hand control at the piano keyboard. As I’ve said before, many amateur pianists sound rough and clunky because they do not have fine motor control of their hands and fingers — especially the 4th and 5th fingers, which see relatively little independent use in daily life.

In this tutorial I’ve also included a quick note to answer some questions I’ve had about piano pentatonic scales.

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