Lesson 2: Treble Clef G and Middle C| Free Beginner Piano Lessons – [Year 1] Lesson 1-2

In this FREE online beginner piano lesson we will be learning 2 Landmark Notes in the Treble Clef. Middle C and Treble G. Then we will be playing our very first song while reading music on the staff, it’s called Google Maps!

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In this lesson we are going to learn treble G and Middle C. These are landmark notes. They help us to find other notes that are located nearby.

The treble clef helps us to find the G line in the treble staff. It curves around the line creating a bullseye or target, drawing our eyes to the second line of the staff. The note found on line 2 is treble C. The treble clef can also be called the G clef, since it helps us find the note G.

Middle C is written on a ledger line located between the treble staff and the bass staff. It is in the middle of those 2 staves. Middle C can be written in 2 ways: one as a ledger line below the treble staff and one as a ledger line above the bass staff.

Now let’s learn a song using the notes we just learned. The song is called Google Maps!

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