Mad World – Beginner/Intermediate Piano Lesson

This is a solo piano version of Mad World played at full speed and then each section slowed down. The right hand plays the vocal melody in all sections except for the intro, where there is no vocal part.

The song is at the beginner to intermediate level of difficulty, because the right and left hand parts separately are not very challenging, but putting them together will be the real challenge for beginners.

The song is in the key of F Dorian, which is like F minor but with a regular D instead of a D flat, helping to give the song a mysterious sound. The chords in the left hand alternate between Fm (F, Ab, and C notes) and Bb (Bb, D, and F notes) for much of the song, and during the verses also include Ab (Ab, C, and Eb notes) and Eb (Eb, G, and Bb notes). The melody (right hand) during the verses and the choruses should be played using static 5-finger positions in order to minimize shifts that would complicate things.

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