Make Simple Piano Chords Sound Beautiful (Open Chord Voicings)

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I’m going to show you how to take simple piano chords, and turn them into something beautiful.

We’ll do this by using Open Chord Voicings. This is something that I’ve been playing around with only recently, and I am absolutely loving it!

The concept is simple. You take a normal chord and re-shape it between the left and right hands. So all the notes are still the same, they are just being played in different positions than we normally play them.

These tips will work with any chord and any chord progression because all we are doing is changing the order of the notes within the chord, not the notes themselves!

Here are the timecodes for the video:

– How to create an open chord – 0:21

– Tip #1 for voicing open chords – 0:56

– Tip #2 for voicing open chords – 2:04

– Tip #3 for voicing open chords – 3:02

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