Music Theory for Beginners – Lesson 1 – Learn the Steps of Major Scale on Piano

Music Theory for Beginners – Lesson 1 – Learn the Steps of Major Scale on Piano. This is the first lesson in the learn to play music theory series. This lesson is intended for beginners who have see my first few learn to play piano series lessons.

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Lesson Notes:
Learn music theory with this lesson tutorial for beginners. Consider this your easy to understand music theory 101 lesson. This lesson covers the major scale, which is made up of a pattern of whole steps and half steps. The formula for this major scale is 2 whole steps, a half step, 3 whole steps, and a half step. In music theory, every major scale has what is called a leading tone. The leading tone is by definition a half step away from the key of the scale. For example, in a C major chord, the leading tone is B since it is a half step away from C. Keep in mind that there are also minor scales, whole tone scales, and chromatic scales. Learning music theory is essential for any student wanting to learn how to play piano. There is a lot more to theory than scales, but this lesson will help you understand some basic concepts. Many students try to skip music theory and don’t see it’s value, but learning theory can help you really understand how music works. This understanding will help you read music better, write music better, and help you check your playing. Be sure to check out the other lessons in my music theory course to expand your knowledge of music even further!

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