Must Have Gospel Chords – Piano Tutorial


In today’s video tutorial, we’ll be concentrating on the type of chords that is most commonly used in gospel music all over the world.

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As a Christian Musician you should always be on the search for chords and progressions that can add to your worship experience, not just for yourself, but also for the congregation.

These Chords that i will be showing you in this lesson can be added to your current playing style and vocabulary immediately.

As your musical vocabulary increases, you will discover all sorts of chords that feels and sounds good.
These Chords are smooth sounding and it feels really good.

we’ll be covering the following in this lesson:
1. Major 13th chord
2. A Sus Chord
3. Minor 9 Chord (Commonly used in neo soul type music.)
4. 13th flat 9 Chord
5. End with a gospel turn around for ending a song.

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