Neo-Soul Chords | Learn to Play Neo-Soul on Piano/Keyboard

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The Fundamentals of Neo-Soul Keyboard is one of the hottest and most coveted DVDs every made. Let’s face it, musicians love neo-soul, because it is a genre that posses the smoothness of soul; the improvisational creativity of jazz; the grit of hip-hop; and the head-bobbing phenomena of funk.

You can’t get these chords with your neighborhood piano teacher. These chords are “secret” chords that the streets possess and are shared only in underground basement shed sessions. For the first time, these secret chords will be exposed for all of it’s funky glory. You get a little over an hour of the phattest neo-soul chord progressions that you hear on the radio or from your favorite neo-soul artists. We spent time in the studio showing the movements, then we took time to chart out all of the movements in a nice score. You get the MIDI files for your tracks and for your virtual MIDI viewer such as MIDIculous. Finally you get tons of theory booklets and resources so that you actually understand what you are playing. The notations are so easy to follow and very simple to understand.

From coming from a gospel background, we can all agree that musicians love neo-soul and these concepts that we teach can be applied to every urban genre of music from gospel to R&B. If you are looking to finally make some smooth grooves with your tracks and become an urban producer, then this DVD will give you all the tools to produce your first album. If you are getting a little bored with the same chords you’ve been playing all the time, now it’s time totally transform your style by adding a touch of neo-soul to your keyboard playing!

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