Online Piano Lessons — A Fun Way To Learn Piano 16 Times Faster

Online Piano Lessons — A Fun Way To Learn Piano 16 Times Faster

This video is a personal message from Musiah inventor Brendan Hogan that introduces you to online piano lessons with Musiah, the world’s first Artificially Intelligent Virtual Piano Teacher, and explains how Musiah’s online piano lessons will have you learning up to 16 times faster than traditional piano lessons.

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Video Transcript (partial):

In this video, I’ll be introducing you to Online Piano Lessons With Musiah
— the world’s first Artificially Intelligent Virtual Piano Teacher
and explaining how Musiah’s Fun And Easy Online Piano Lessons will have you

learning to play piano up to 16 times faster than traditional piano lessons
learning how to read sheet music quickly and fluently
learning to play hundreds of songs in a variety of styles

all in the convenience, comfort and privacy of your own home — when it suits YOU.

Take the experience of the Ortiz family from Fullerton California as an example.

“I am a father of 5 children and it’s my wish that they could learn how to play the piano, but knowing how expensive piano classes are and all the time and travel spent I decided to try different courses that could help me teach my kids music.

I have spent a lot of money in so many online courses and private piano classes and I did get some knowledge but I still wasn’t satisfied, until I decided to try Musiah.

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this program. My kids are playing on their own more than ever. They compare the songs they have learned and the best part is that I don’t have to push them to do it, nor do I have to teach them myself.

I have just started using Musiah myself I am on lesson 5 and my kids are progressing amazingly fast. I am so excited!!

Thank you Musiah! : )”

Oscar Ortiz Sr — Fullerton CA, United States (Dad)

All around the world, parents just like Oscar, as well as kids who are learning with Musiah, and adults who are learning piano with Musiah are absolutely ecstatic, and going into raptures about how incredible Musiah is.

What Is Musiah?

Now you’re probably wondering, what is Musiah?

Put simply, Musiah is the world’s first Artificially Intelligent Virtual Piano Teacher.

It’s a software application that runs on your computer, and Musiah responds to your playing just like a conventional piano teacher.

But unlike a conventional teacher, Musiah is available 24/7 to support you every step of the way, which makes a huge difference to your progress.

Musiah makes learning piano like playing a computer game

And another big thing that motivates students to learn and progress is Musiah makes learning piano like playing a computer game.

It’s Easy And Fun To Play…

“You won’t be traumatized by boring repetition or snail-paced learning.

Rather you’ll be catapulted into an imaginative world where learning is easy and challenges are fun.

This really is the fastest, funnest (are we allowed to make up new words?) and most relevant way to learn piano in the 21st century :).”

Jacquie Godsman — Drouin, VIC Australia
(Adult Piano Student)

Why I invented Musiah…

If I may, I’d like to share with you a little bit about why I invented Musiah…

The truth is…

There are a number of inefficiencies in the traditional piano method, and in practices common among traditional piano teachers that actually slow down your learning.

And this is why I created this incredible new software invention called Musiah.

In the words of celebrity music maestro John Foreman who tested the program extensively himself…

“With Musiah’s online piano lessons, you will be able to achieve in weeks or months what might normally take years to do.”

John Foreman — Celebrity Music Maestro

The Musiah Piano Method has been taught to more than 80,000 students since 1995

And to give you a quick example of one of the techniques used in the Musiah Piano Method…

What Not To Do

You have probably heard phrases like Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit or Great Big Dogs Frighten Auntie that are used by piano teachers everywhere.

Now these phrases are supposed to help your note reading, but they actually don’t.

They slow it down — dramatically —especially for young kids who are still getting used to the alphabet.

Let’s say a student is reading the top treble note (see image below) and they count up the lines of the treble stave saying “Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit”…

A young kid doesn’t instantly make the connection that “Fruit” is an “F” in the same way an adult would.

How Simple Tongue Twisters Dramatically Improve Note Reading

Instead, through Musiah, I encourage students of all ages to say “EGBDF” as if it were a tongue twister.

How quickly can you say “EGBDF”?

EGBDF — it gets you there to the note you are reading much quicker.

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