Patsy Cline – Crazy – Piano Lessons

Patsy Cline – Crazy – Piano Lessons

In this video, Scott Houston “The Piano Guy” and his guest pianist, Bradley Sowash, show you how to play “Crazy” Patsy Cline’s timeless country hit. Bradley starts out by determining the chords for the song. This song has easy chord changes, and the chords are spelled out in the video.

Bradley teaches a country lick, The Floyd Cramer Lick. Floyd Cramer Piano music is some of the best country piano music out there. in addition to the piano lick, Bradley demonstrates a faux stride technique. Many players find stride piano difficult, so this faux stride is a great technique to get the terrific sound while removing 90% of the difficulty.

Bradley teaches how to add a great intro to the song simply by playing the chords found in the last few measures of the song. This intro technique can be used for liberally any song.

Piano triplets and how to count 12/8 rhythm are also demonstrated in this video. The video concludes with a great performance of Bradley playing “Crazy” on Piano.

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Patsy Cline – Crazy – Piano Lessons

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