Piano Beginners: PROOF you can PLAY PIANO in 14 Days (No Sheet Music OR Experience Needed)

Learn how to play “Let it Be” by The Beatles in 14 days. No sheet music or experience needed.

Important Links:
• PDF Daily Guide: http://bit.ly/31q6yfC
• Looped Song: http://bit.ly/31s1lnp
• Student Facebook Support Group: http://bit.ly/fbgrouP
• FAQ: http://bit.ly/2KiLqSt
• Motivation: http://bit.ly/2KiLqSt
• Next Steps: http://bit.ly/nxtStEps
• Offline Viewing: http://bit.ly/dowNLoad
• Subscribe: http://full.sc/1bt3pyt

Time Stamps:
Intro: 0:11
Motivation: 0:40
How The Challenge Works: 1:34
Exercise A: 2:41
Exercise B: 4:01
Exercise C: 6:14
Exercise D: 8:05
Exercise E: 9:58
Exercise F: 15:01
Exercise G: 18:14
Exercise H: 21:20
Exercise I: 23:54
Exercise J: 26:41

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