Piano Chording Level 1 – Free Video Piano Lessons from PianoVideoLessons.com

Have you always wanted to learn how to play chord style piano? Well, it’s your lucky day! Click here for more information, or to enroll in this free course: http://courses.pianovideolessons.com/piano-chording-level-1-year-1-unit-5/

There are 16 lessons in this course. You will easily learn all of the Major and Minor Chords, how to play from a Lead Sheet, and interesting patterns to use while playing your left hand chords. You’ll also learn some cool chord progressions and even how to strum the piano from a chord sheet, just like guitar players do! So, you can chord and sing along!

Why should I learn chords?
Chords are the harmony that songs are made of. If we know chords, we can create our own harmonic arrangements, and we can also play chords along while someone is singing. Or we can use the chords to write our own music! But understanding chords is super-important even for reading music, because chords are everywhere, and the better we know them, the easier and faster we can read music!

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