Piano Chords for Beginners – 5 – New Beautiful Chord

15 Starter Lessons – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkejSUSWVSQ&list=PLbTkZQxnLYdaRX9612SmDswZNSWjNY0s7&index=1

Jazz Piano Beginners Course – http://pianobreaks.com/beginner-packs-master-collection/

These are how to play piano lessons for beginners where in this lesson you learn a new chord called the ‘2’ chord.

Jazz piano lessons for beginners to jazzy chords and improvisation. Lessons are meant to get you playing beautiful chords as quickly as possible while teaching you the fundamentals of improvisation.

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More free video lessons on jazzy chords and improvisation at http://www.pianobreaks.com

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