Piano For Singers (How To Accompany Yourself)

In less than 5 minutes — you’ll learn how to play piano chords well enough to sing to!

You won’t be a master, these are very BASIC chords. But in my years as a private piano teacher and vocal coach, I had many students who wanted to learn the piano so they could sing and perform — but they didn’t want to invest a lot of time learning the instrument.

So this is a short, basic lesson that will show you how to read a chord chart, how to find the root note of the chord on the piano, and then how to build a basic chord shell that you can start singing to — in less than 5 minutes.

I mention in the video that we have other lessons on how to build more complicated chords. Here are some links:

– This video will show you how to build a major and minor chord from ANY key on the piano – including the black keys. There’s a very simple formula for doing this:

– This video will show you how to know which chords sound good together, so you can know what chords to expect in a song, and how to make them :

– This video will show you how to take basic chords and make them sound nicer using inversions:

Ok! Enough links. Here are the timecodes for the lesson:

– How to read a chord chart – 0:39

– How to find each chord (the musical alphabet) – 1:01

– Building the chord shell – 1:26

– Adding in the left hand – 2:02

– Building momentum and adding rhythm – 2:39

– Showing how it all works together (my performance) – 3:34

Aside from the links above, we also have a free 6-part lesson series all about chords and chording:

And if you do want to learn more about the piano and piano theory, check out our OTHER free series to get you started:

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