Play Chords Better (3 Patterns For Smooth Piano Chords)

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When you’re learning to play chords on the piano most people learn all about “root” position chords. Those are the basic triads and they’re super fun.

But I always get questions from people about how to change chords — should you move UP or DOWN to the new chord? How do you make it sound really nice?

I’m going to show you 3 ways to change chords that will make you sound instantly better and help you learn and understand chords more.

We’ll be using the 1-5-6-4 pop progression. If you’re not sure what this check out this lesson first:

Here are the combos:

– Combo #1 – 1:15
– Combo #2 – 2:49
– Combo #3 – 3:55

In this lesson, we use chord INVERSIONS to make these changes. If you’re not familiar with inversions you can find a lesson here:

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