Play Piano Chords Pain-Free (How To Eliminate Hand Tension)

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Tightness, tension, and even discomfort are common complaints among piano players.

What there should never be, though, is pain! But even tension and tightness can be so uncomfortable that it hinders our playing and our ability to stretch out and play big chords.

It just sucks.

But there are ways to get rid of it! Cassi is here with 3 awesome tips that you NEED to be doing. These will stretch your hands out, remove the pressure from your forearms and allow you play bigger chords more freely.

Try them out, and let me know which is your favorite! Comment with the timestamp to let others know as well.

And speaking of timestamps — here are all the timestamps and topics covered in the video:

– Octave scales – 0:15

– Left-hand octave scales – 1:46

– Four-note chords (reducing the pressure) – 2:23

– Use your body – 3:58

– Check your posture and tips to fix it – 4:27

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