Pure Imagination Jazz Piano Tutorial

Jazz Piano
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“Pure Imagination” For Beginners
In this lesson we create a beginner-focused arrangement of the tune “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

We first arrange the tune using simple root-3-7 voicings and we pay attention to the major and minor 251s so that we know how to identify and navigate this common progressions. We then go through the form again and enhance our voicings with chord extensions and chord alterations.

Suspended Harmony
An interesting aspect of this tune is that it features a lot of suspended harmony; also known as sus chords. We will analyse the role of the suspended voicings and discuss how they fit into the harmonic framework of the tune.

We have created an advanced arrangement of this tune and whilst this is a beginner-focused lesson, we will hint at some of the more advanced arranging techniques. If you’d like to learn more you can check out the full advanced tutorial here:

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