Read And Play Complicated Chords On The Piano

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Chord charts are awesome — they help you learn and play songs super fast — and they’re a great tool to help you start improvising because they are just a guide for the notes to play.

But …

Some chords can look really funky and complicated on a chord chart. How are you supposed to know what they mean?

That’s what this video is about. It will help you demystify complicated chords — and will allow you to figure out pretty much any chord you can expect to find on a chord chart.

I mention that it’s useful to have some prior knowledge. To learn all about 7th chords, you can check out our lesson here:

To learn how to build major and minor chords on ANY note, watch this lesson:

So here we go! I’m using the song “Desperado” by The Eagles because it has lots of cool, funky chord changes. To download the FREE chord chart and follow along, just click here:

Here are the timecodes:

– Song start – 0:51
– Major 7th chord (CMaj7) – 1:31
– The dominant 7th chord (C7) – 1:47
– The minor chord (Cm) – 2:15
– The slash chord (C/E) – 2:32
– The minor 7th chord (Cm7) – 3:27
– The diminished 7 (Cdim7) – 4:04
– The m7b5 chord (Cm7b5) – 4:26

Those should help you understand MOST of the chords you can expect to find on a chord chart.

To start playing real songs from chord charts, practice with Desperado, or check out 500 Songs in 5 Days and get 500 downloadable chord charts that you’ll be able to play after just 5 days:

If the concept of chording is new to you, and you’d like some more FREE lessons, check out Chord Hacks

And for a complete intro to the piano, we have 4 free lessons for beginners:

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