Samba Piano Tutorial – Chords, Comping, Rhythm, Pattern

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In this lesson, we will explore a simple Samba groove that will be effective for working with all kinds of Bossa Nova tunes, as well as more “straight ahead” Brazilian Samba styles.

Based on a 2/4 Beat
This simple groove is based on a 2/4 beat and you will notice that the left-hand part is not syncopated at all. The left-hand outlines the quarter beat and you have the flexibility to play root – 5th – octave based lines.

3 Groups Of 2 Notes
The right-hand part of the groove consists of three groups of 2 notes. You will notice that the notes are exactly the same distance apart in each group – an 8th note apart.

What changes is where they are placed on the beat.

Displacing The Rhythm
This is an efficient and effective way to create a groove. By placing the rhythm of different beats of the bar, we create a whole rainbow of rhythmic possibilities.

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