Simple-But-Mesmerizing Piano Pattern (PERFECT For Beginners)

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What’s up my piano friends! Today I’m going to teach you a simple pattern for piano, that sounds REALLY cool right out the gate.

We’re going to start out with the “so-easy-a-kindergartener-could-learn-it” version (which already sounds good!) and then progressively build on it making it slowly but surely more and more challenging.

Oh, and in the process you’ll learn “Let it Go” from Frozen on piano (one of the most requested songs I get). And more importantly, within teaching you Frozen, I’ll be simultaneously teaching you the PROCESS to learn ANY song using chords. But it’s more fun if I teach it while doing an example.

Then we’ll go onto an intermediate version for you go-getters out there. And lastly, at the END of the video I’ll show you a very simple way to multiply this pattern into 4 patterns with literally no extra practice on your part (hows that for bang-for-your-buck!)

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Happy practicing!


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-Zach Evans

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