“Someone Like You” by Adele (Piano Tutorial)

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We all need a power ballad at some point in our life.

And few people do power ballads better than Adele.

“Someone Like You” was a huge hit for Adele, topping the charts in the UK, US, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand.

It’s a lot of fun to play, and follows the sorts of chord progressions that are common in pop music, so it’s not too difficult.

You can download the lead sheet for free here:

It’s in the key of A, so it’s a great way to practice using some of the black keys as well. And the piano melody is a really musical way to practice your chord inversions to develop more strength and dexterity.

Here are the timecodes for the lesson:

– The chord progression – 0:47

– The signature piano riff – 1:23

– The pre-chorus – 2:45

– The chorus – 3:38

– The bridge – 4:07

Have so much fun with this one, and don’t feel bad if you can’t sing like Adele. Nobody can!

But at least you’ll be able to play the piano like the recording 🙂

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