The 10 MOST GLORIOUS Russian Folk Songs on Piano!

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These incredible Russian folk songs will get you pumped for the day! Watch from beginning to end and you’ll find out some interesting facts about these 10 glorious songs. Some have been used in Symphonies, others were sung as songs of war. Some are sad songs written to make you cry and others are joyous songs to raise your glass to! There is something for everyone in this Russian song compilation, and it’s made all the better for being a perfect piano transcription! Have fun listening to these 10 Russian folk songs on piano!

Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
Edited by Samuel Dickenson

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List of songs:
1. Smuglianka
2. Katyusha
3. Kalinka
4. Korobeiniki
5. Polyushka Polye
6. Oy Da Ne Vecher (Ой то не вечер) (Oh, Not the Evening)
7. Ey Ukhnem (Song of the Volga Boatmen)
8. There Was A Birch Tree In The Field (Beriozka)
9. Oh! Frost, Frost! (Oh, Moroz, Moroz!) (Ой, Мороз, Мороз!)
10. Soldiers, Brave Guys (Солдатушки – бравы ребятушки)

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