The Easiest Bach Pieces Every Beginner Piano Student Should Start With

In this lesson, we are going over the easiest Bach pieces that every beginner piano student should start with. Pieces in the style of J.S Bach are often not easy and it can be difficult to find the best ones to begin with. Learning how to play some pieces by Bach on piano can really help develop your technique. Some of the pieces we will be talking about will include the Prelude in C Major, the Minuet in G Major, and Musette in D Major. I should mention that some of these pieces aren’t by J.S Bach himself but rather in the style of the pieces he wrote in. Many people think Bach was part of the classical era but instead his music is considered Baroque.

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1. Prelude in C from the WTC –
2. Minuet in G from notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach –
3. Musette in D –
4. Prelude in C Major from Johann Peter Kellner –



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