The Finger Independence Challenge (Piano Lesson)

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Are you ready for a challenge?

Full disclosure, part of this challenge took me a little while to get good enough to teach it. So if you find yourself struggling with some of it, don’t worry.

It’s normal, and you will get better (just like I did).

This challenge will help reveal which fingers of yours are weakest, but it will also help make them stronger. For most people that’s the fourth (or ring) finger. That’s what it was for me.

But it’s also a super short exercise that you can include in your practices.

Here are the timecodes (it’s a really short lesson):

– The finger independence challenge – 0:14
– How the challenge makes you better – 1:08

How did you find it? Comment to let me know, and good luck.

This can be really hard for beginners, so if it’s a little too much, and you’d like to start from scratch, we have 4 free lessons for you:

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