The Three Most Popular Chord Progressions (Full Piano Lesson)

Getting Started On The Piano (NEW free video series!):

Welcome to our Pop Chord boot camp!! Today I have a FULL piano lesson for you on some of the most popular chord progressions used in music today. We are going to learn three of the most commonly used progressions, and you can practice along in real time to get better!

We’ll also be looking at several different INVERSIONS for each chord, and we will practice moving through the chord progressions using different inversions.

I do just want to clarify a little mistake! At 7:39 I say the song “Apologize” was by Maroon 5. Of course, it was One Republic! So let me ‘apologize’ for that (see what I did there?!).

Here are the timecodes for the different parts of the lesson:

1) 1-5-6-4 progression – 2:21

2) 6-4-1-5 progression – 4:43

3) Time for a break!! Some quick stretches – 9:42

4) 1-6-4-5 progression – 10:02

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