Top 6 Digital Pianos For Beginners…Best Beginner Keyboards Under £500!

Sam checks out 6 of the best beginner’s digital pianos & keyboards which all cost under £450, including models from Yamaha, Roland, Casio & Korg. Find out more here…

2:52 KORG B1:

5:55 YAMAHA NP12:

8:55 YAMAHA P45:


15:55 ROLAND FP10:

20:13 CASIO CDP-S100:

In a perfect world, we’d all love to learn to play the piano on a full size acoustic concert grand, but in reality, not all of us have the space at home or the cash to splurge on a full size piano. Luckily, there are plenty of other options, so in this beginner’s buying guide we take a look at 6 of the best space-saving digital pianos that won’t break the bank, but still include essential features such as full size, touch sensitive keys, a metronome, headphone outputs and most importantly, really nice piano sounds.

Take a quick look and listen here with PMTVUK, and check out any of these models at your local Professional Music Technology Store…


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