Understanding 7th Chords On The Piano

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Seventh chords (or 7th chords) are some of the most beautiful chords on the piano. But there are quite a few variations of seventh chords. It can be daunting to see notations on a musical score or lead sheet. After all, what is a Cm7b5?

In this lesson, we break down the most common types of seventh chords on the piano and explain how to create them, and how to read the music notation.

We’ll go through five different seventh variations. The Major 7, the dominant 7, the minor 7, the diminished 7 and the minor 7 flat 5 (or half-diminished).

After this lesson, you’ll be able to play all of the 7th chords on the piano!

Check out the timestamps to jump to the chord you want to learn:

The Major 7 – 0:30

The dominant 7 – 1:32

The minor 7 – 2:16

The diminished 7 – 2:59

The minor 7 flat 5 – 3:49

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